the story

Like a lot of people, I have always struggled with depression and anxiety, but unlike many people, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when I was young. Rare, incurable, and devastating. The disease was always in the background at my life, but it really escalated in my early twenties. At this point, dealing with this disease became unmanageable. I was finding myself sick all the time and the only solution the doctors had was to prescribe a cocktail of medications including opioids that only made me feel worse. I lost my job and was confined to my bed, with no end of the life-altering sickness in sight.

At one point when I was at my lowest, a friend recommended that I try cannabis for my chronic illness. I started smoking marijuana at first, but that wasn’t really doing the trick for me, so I decided to give marijuana edibles a try to help with the constant pain. Within a few months of consistently taking edibles, I was able to completely remove all of my prescribed medications for the autoimmune disease, including the opioids, from my regimen by consuming marijuana.

Unfortunately, marijuana edibles were not legal in my home-state of New Jersey at the time, so I made the move to California in order to have access to the only product that had helped my pain and illness. Once relocated to California, with many more options to acquire my medicine, I realized that there was no standard or regulation to ensure that these cannabis products were consistent in potency and, most importantly, free of harmful contaminates, such as pesticides, molds, and bacteria. If people like me were taking these kinds of products to feel better, shouldn’t they be able to trust that the purity of these products is ensured?

With this concept in mind, I started my own cannabis edible line, producing low-dose edibles that were third-party lab tested for potency and purity, despite there being no regulations in place at the time that required companies to do so. My products were an instant hit in the cannabis community and went on to win numerous awards including a coveted Hight Time’s Magazine award for 3rd place Best Edible in 2018 at America’s first recreational cannabis event.

Despite finding great relief from my pain with cannabis, I was still having trouble with my depression and anxiety. At this point, I took it upon myself to learn more about different cannabinoid profiles and came to the conclusion that it was CBD rather than THC I should be including in my regimen. CBD is found in both the marijuana and hemp plants but unlike THC, CBD does not provide any euphoric effects and in essence, does not get you “high”. With this realization, I started incorporating CBD only into my daily routine and saving the THC for at night. Within a few months, I was able to completely wean myself off of my anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications, finding a more holistic approach to treatment that worked well for me.

Cannabis gave me back my life, so it became my mission to help others to experience the same benefits I have from these amazing products. However, many states still criminalize marijuana and cannabis products, making it more difficult to reach people who need these products on a daily basis. Even in states where people do have access to cannabis products, the prices are usually unaffordable to most. Especially for those that are sick like myself and cannot work or have high medical bills. With this in mind, I decided to start my own hemp company in 2018 called Pura Cura to combat inaccessibility and unreasonable prices for cannabis products across the country. 

Now, as a New Jersey based CBD company, Pura Cura is able to provide CBD hemp products to those who need it no matter where they live, without compromising the integrity or the purity of the product. Pura Cura produces all of its products in an ISO7- certified lab going above and beyond good manufacturing practices to ensure there is no microbiological contamination during processing. We also participate in full panel third-party lab testing of potency, pesticide analysis, microbial content, mycotoxin testing, and residual solvents to ensure the products we produce are consistent with potency and free of dangerous contaminants.

I was able to change my life with cannabis products, and my goal for you with this company is to provide you with products to help you feel better while ensuring that purity is never compromised. This is why at Pura Cura our goal is to set the bar high, without getting you high!

Brittany Wallace