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Trees play a crucial role by supporting life across the world, producing oxygen, and absorbing climate change-causing carbon dioxide. Trees and forests are so important that they make up 30% of the earth’s land occupying nearly every corner of the globe. In 2015, the Nature journal estimated that there were approximately 3 trillion trees globally. However, about 15 billion trees are cut down annually due to deforestation. At this rate, it has been estimated that up to 28,000 species will become extinct by the next quarter of the century.

We love our planet and believe anyone who takes from Mother Nature, should give back to her too. That is why we started our initiative and partnered with an awesome charity to plant one tree for every product we sell. Join us in reaching our goal to plant 100,000 trees in North America and not only feel good because you’re using CBD but you’re also helping our planet too.