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ISO lab

Lab Tested CBD Products

Providing the consumer with cannabidiol products that are free of all contaminants is paramount to Pura Cura's mission. Going above and beyond in an industry with no regulations, all of Pura Cura's products are produced in an ISO 7 certified lab room. This ensures our products are free of dangerous contaminants such as molds, funguses, and bacterias.

ISO 14644 Standards regulate the air purity in a manufacturing environment. These standards are used in pharmaceutical, aerospace, and microelectronic applications to ensure a minimal amount of particles that are present in the air. In order to gain an ISO certification, a facility must consider the type of filtration units, intake and exhaust layouts, room pressurization, room temperature, and other numerous factors. Our lab is equipped with HEPA filters that operate 24 hours 7 days a week to keep the air as clean as possible by trapping particles as small as .3 micrometers.