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CBD healthy green juice

Green Goddess Juice

Pura Cura's Green Goddess Juice is the ultimate plant-based way to start your day. This recipe makes about 24oz of juice and is perfect to share. It is suggested to use organic when available for optimal nutritional benefits. 

Ingredients & Benefits:

1. Cucumber (1 large) - aids in healthy skin/hair, relieves joint pain, reduces cholesterol, aids in weight loss, promotes digestion, headache reliever, rehydrates/remineralizes the body, and  helps control blood pressure.

2. Green Apple (1 medium) - protects the heart, prevents constipation, improves lung capacity, anti-cancer, anti-cholesterol, boosts immunity, anti-asthma, aids in weight-loss, hydrates skin, improves eye health, and  aids in detoxing the body.

3. Kiwi ( 2 small or 1 large) - aids in digestion, powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, promotes healthy skin, aids in weight loss, helps manage blood pressure, promotes healthy kidney function, and anti-cancer

4. Blueberries (1/3 cup) - packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients, strengthens bones, helps with acne, promotes healthy skin, lowers blood pressure, promotes heart health, anti-cancer, improves brain function, and anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Lime (1/4 of a small lime) -rejuvenates skin, improves digestion, promotes weight-loss, fights infections, anti-cancer, reduces inflammation.

6. Baby Kale (2 cups) -  anti-inflammatory, aids in detoxification, antioxidant rich, lowers cholesterol, improves eye and bone health, anti-cancer, aids in weight-loss, boosts immunity, promotes heart health, prevents anemia

7. CBD oil - reduces inflammation, helps reduce chronic pain, reduces anxiety and depression, helps fight diabetes, anti-bacterial, reduces blood sugar levels, reduces seizures and convulsions, helps suppress muscle spasms, promotes immune system function, prevents nervous system regeneration, and promotes bone growth.


1. Cut up fruits & veggies to fit in your juicer

2. Add cucumber, green apple, kiwi, blueberries, lime, and baby kale in order.

3. Pour into mason jar or bottle over ice.

4. Add in your desired dose of Pura Cura CBD oil.

5. Shake well.

6. Enjoy & share pictures of your juice with us on Instagram #puracuradrinks