With Hemp Being Legalized – Is CBD Next on the List?

Hemp Legalization

Not that long ago, hemp was de-scheduled as a class one drug. This was a huge step, because class one drugs are those known to be the most hazardous to human health and “highly addictive” – things which hemp is not.  But this was only the first big step, because not too long after de-scheduling, hemp was fully legalized.

This came as great news to many – from CBD users to environmentalists. Hemp is known to be a valuable asset in the battle against deforestation. As a renewable resource, hemp grows up to ten times faster than trees and the fibers go much further in comparison.

While the full, federal legalization of hemp is great news, it did raise a lot of questions. Will the federal government end it’s insane “war on drugs” and allow medicinal or recreational marijuana usage at a federal level? Could full legalization of CBD be next on the list?

Why All CBD is Not Legal

The general public would assume that CBD products are all legal. They are openly marketed, after all, and can be bought in everything from smoke shops to health food markets and herbal stores. The problem is that not all CBD products are legal, but rather, law enforcement does not actively enforce current legislations.

Even more confusing is that, since the FDA does not currently regulate these products, it is up to the consumer to figure out which are allowed, and which are not. If a CBD product contains any amount of THC, or is derived from marijuana (versus hemp), those are big red warning signs the product may not be fully legal.

In fact, all CBD products were illegal prior to the recent federal legalization of hemp and hemp products. Now, a portion of those products are legal, and the industry is wondering when the rest will be decriminalized or legalized.

What CBD Products Are Legal

If you’re trying to figure out which CBD products currently on the market are legal, there are some things you should look for. In general, a CBD product is legal if:

  • It contains 0% THC
  • It is derived solely from hemp
  • It has testing done to prove its safety

What Might Happen Next

So, now that hemp has been fully legalized, is CBD next on the list? The industry certainly hopes so, but nobody can know for certain.

The good news is that CBD was de-scheduled, along with hemp and marijuana plants. This is usually the first step to something larger. If things go their normal route, then we can expect great changes in the future.

It’s possible that the federal government will simply introduce a bill which legalizes marijuana, as they did with hemp. But legalizing any substance that was previously thought to be hazardous requires testing, evidence, etc.