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How to Dose CBD Oil

How to Dose CBD Oil

CBD Oil Dose

If you’re having trouble figuring out how much CBD oil to take, don’t worry you are not alone. Due to the lack of regulations for the hemp industry, most companies slap a label on a bottle that says something along the lines of “1000mg hemp oil” underneath their company’s name leaving most people wondering what that really means. This vague labeling leaves novice hemp users wondering, “What is 1000mg of hemp? Is there CBD in this hemp oil? If so, how much? Are there 1000mg in the bottle or in each dose? How do I know how much CBD I am taking?”.  Through this blog, you will learn how to properly dose your CBD hemp oils, so you know exactly how much you are consuming.

What is 1000mg of Hemp?

When a bottle of alleged CBD hemp oil is labeled “1000mg of Hemp” or something similar and no further description, directions, or supplement facts can be found, it is important to know what is in that bottle and how much is in each dose. There are numerous deceptive companies that will portray basic hemp seed oil as being oil infused with hemp extract. Hemp seed oil and hemp extract products are two different products with the biggest difference being that hemp seed oil contains only trace amounts or no cannabinoids while hemp extract contains high potency CBD and sometimes trace amounts of other cannabinoids.

The popular CBD hemp oil that everyone is talking about is oil infused with hemp extract and NOT hemp seed oil. If a company only has their product labeled as just “hemp oil” or “1000mg of hemp” and no further description, directions, or supplement facts, it is most likely hemp seed oil. These kinds of products are all over Amazon and eBay and usually contain just hemp seed oil with no added hemp extract. (Side Note: Amazon and eBay actually have banned the sale of any products containing hemp extract but do allow the sale of hemp seed oil from brands such as Nutiva. If the alleged CBD product was purchased through Amazon or eBay it is most likely just hemp seed oil at an inflated price).

Dosing Formulas

However, in the rare event that mystery bottle just labeled “1000mg of Hemp” is in fact a real hemp extract product, then here are a few tips on how to figure out how much of what is in your oil. This first step is to figure out how many milliliters (mL) are in the bottle, this information should be located somewhere on the packaging since it is required by the FDA on all food and dietary supplements.

In order to figure out how many milligrams (mg) are in each serving, all you have to do is divide the number of milligrams listed by the number of milliliters (mL) in the bottle. Below are a list of example formulas:

1000mg in a 30mL bottle

1000/30= 33.33

33.33mg per 1mL

1000mg in a 15mL bottle

1000/15= 66.66

66.66mg per 1mL

600mg in a 30mL bottle


20mg per 1mL

100mg in a 5mL bottle


20mg per 1mL


One important factor to keep in mind is just because a hemp product is labeled 1000mg does not necessarily mean that the bottle contains 1000mg of CBD from hemp. If a CBD hemp product is labeled 1000mg, derived from CBD hemp isolate, and third-party lab tested then it most likely contains 1000mg of CBD in it. However, if the product contains 1000mg of hemp extract, there usually is not 1000mg of CBD. Instead, those hemp products contain 1000mg collectively of a range of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBDA, THC, THCA, CBN, & CBG. In order to determine how many milligrams of CBD are in your hemp oil if it does not state the amount on the packaging is to check out the company’s third-party potency lab tests for the amount of CBD.

Third-party lab testing is extremely important to ensure accurate dosing. If the company does not have their third-party lab reports on their website you can email them and ask them to forward you a copy. You are putting their product into your body and have the right to know what you are using. In the event the company will not disclose their reports, it may be time to search elsewhere.

How to Dose Pura Cura’s CBD Oils

Pura Cura CBD Oils come in 4 different strengths, 250mg of CBD, 600mg of CBD, 1500mg of CBD, and 5000mg of CBD. All of our CBD oils come with a child-resistant calibrated dropper to easily dose by .25mL increments. All of Pura Cura’s third-party lab tests can be found here. Below is chart to show many milligrams of CBD are in each mL, .75mL, .50mL, and .25mL:

250mg in a 15mL bottle


16.6mg of CBD per 1mL

12.5mg of CBD per .75mL

8.3mg of CBD per .50mL

4.1mg of CBD per .25mL

600mg in a 30mL bottle


20mg of CBD per 1mL

15mg of CBD per .75mL

10mg of CBD per .50mL

5mg of CBD per .25mL

1500mg in a 30mL bottle


50mg of CBD per 1mL

37.5mg of CBD per .75mL

25mg of CBD per .50mL

12.5mg of CBD per .25mL

5000mg in a 30mL bottle 5000/30=166.6 166.6mg of CBD per 1mL 125mg of CBD per .75mL 83.3mg of CBD per .50mL 41.6mg of CBD per .25mL


*If you are taking prescribed medication, please consult with a professional before switching to CBD oil or a combination of treatments.

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