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4 Surprising CBD Facts You’ll Wish You’d Known About Earlier

4 Surprising CBD Facts You’ll Wish You’d Known About Earlier


There have been enormous advancements in CBD product development over the last several years. From lawsuits to life-changing, medicinal effects for young and old alike, CBD is a hot topic that is met with its fair share of controversy. CBD isolate products are comprised of 99% CBD and are available in the form of oils and tinctures.

A Brief Overview of CBD

CBD stands for “cannabidiol”, a cannabis composite. It is one of the one hundred various cannabinoids that derive from the cannabis plant. Contrary to popular belief and conspiracy theories abound, CBD has no psychoactive influence.

CBD provides healing and positive effects on consumers without the “high” from THC. According to Medical Marijuana, Inc., the composite interacts with the cannabinoid chemical-signal receiver found within the brain, where it provides regulation of mood disorders, immune and reproductive systems, pain management and sleep disorders.


Here’s some more shocking facts you did not know about CBD:

PTSD Relief

There are millions of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) sufferers that necessitate intensive healing assistance. Researched case studies conducted and distributed by The Permanente Journal indicate CBD oil is an effective method for reducing insomnia and anxiety in relation to PTSD. The study further suggests CBD is famous for its anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety, inducing properties in conjunction with sleep-induction benefits.

CBD Tinctures Reign Supreme

80% of CBD users were found to enjoy CBD tinctures according to HelloMD & Brightfield Group’s research. A tincture is created when cannabidiol oils are dissolved into alternative oils, such as coconut oil. The result is a crude, stronger version that surpasses the strength of most marijuana and other cannabis strains.

Tip: The most popular flavor on the market is the CBD strawberry tincture!

Furry Friends are Included

Don’t forget Fido! CBD is not exclusive to only humans. Ongoing clinical studies conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) are underway to reveal the health benefits for our four-legged companions. Cannabis research continues to advance for pets as more and more pet-related CBD products are sold on the market. CBD is being tested to determine the extent of healing that occurs when used to treat join inflammation, epilepsy and reduction of anxiety in an animal.

CBD Cocktail, Anyone?

Yes, you read that right. CBD cocktails are now being served in a variety of states in coffee shops and bars alike. New York City’s Adriaen Block is the first and sole CBD cocktail bar in the city, but it won’t be the last. This hotspot features a plethora of drinks, including CBD-infused coffee, that hosts several drops of pure CBD oil. Sippers divulge their immediate response to the first sip is a feeling of euphoria and overall well-being. Advocates alike suggest feeling a different kind of “buzz”, leaving them feeling mellow and indescribably wonderful.

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